Sunday, October 16, 2005

Time Delay continued: Last Week's Failed Hiking

As many of you may had already heard, Taryn and I had decided to attempt a hike around Cape Chignecto for Thanksgiving weekend. Our plan was simple: cram 60km of hiking into the 3-day weekend. It was an excellent plan, were it not for forces against our control. But alas, I get ahead of myself.

Here's the quick plan rundown.
Friday: drive to Cape Chignecto, camp at a walk-in campsite.
Saturday: Get up at crack of dawn, meet rangers for orientation, hike to Refugee Cove, camp
Sunday: hike to Seal Cove, camp
Monday: hike back to trailhead + visitor centre. Hunt down nearest snack food store.

Here's what actually happened:
Friday: drove to Cape Chignecto, camped at walk-in campsite. Cursed the dark and dreary skies.
Saturday: got up at crack of 9, met rangers for orientation. Began hiking towards Refugee Cove, discovered that source of torrential downpour was unending. Watched as trail slowly but surely turned into creek. Realized we weren't too excited at the prospect of 3 days of this. Turned around. Went to Superstore and bought turkey + turkey accoutrements.
Sunday: still pruny from hiking. Stood in front of fan for awhile. Read paper: found out it rained over 200mm in 24 hours where we were hiking.
Monday: made turkey + gourged ourselves on stuffing.

Above is our path. The Cape is an absolutely beautiful place and I'm really excited to go back when the weather is better. The trail from the visitor centre to Refugee Cove (just off the map on the left) is apparently one of the harder sections... and although it may not be quite as hard as the west coast trail, it certainly has a lot of elevation changes that make it approach the difficulty. Here's the profile:

You can see that we decided to turn around somewhere at the 6.5km mark... just after having gone back UP the huge 200m ravine. Ok, so obviously we aren't the sharpest tools in the shed, but we probably needed the exercise. As well, you can see a hump at the 12-13.5 km mark that doesn't correspond to the start. Because the tide was up, we couldn't walk the beach as we did on the way out, so we had to go up and over a largish hill, getting prunier every step of the way.

Anyways, we had fun even if only for a day, and we're already planning going back (perhaps even on snowshoes!)


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