Sunday, October 09, 2005

Old news: Last Week's Hiking

Last week we took a trip to Musquodoboit to hike in the White Lakes Wilderness area.

It was a beautiful fall weekend, and we decided to hike the South Granite Ridge trail, a "wilderness" trail that was rated Challenging. Overall it was about 20km of hiking, but only about 9km was on the wilderness trail itself. Much of it was cruising along a popular trail on the path of an old abandoned railway. Here's Taryn going through the railway bridge at the start of our journey:

Surprisingly, the wilderness part of the trail was definately much less traveled and definately full of ups and downs. Here's the profile:

I think we totalled somewhere around 500m of ascent. Not bad for a province who's highest peak is only about as much! The views were lovely, especially towards the end of the wilderness trail when you get some great shots of the valley!

A view of the Musquodoboit valley:

The trees around Halifax have yet to start changing to their fall colours, but apparently the ferns are ahead of the game:

So that's an example of a hike that went according to plan. Stay tuned for more info on one that didn't!


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