Monday, May 01, 2006

Sunday April 23: Delaps Cove + Annapolis Valley

Delaps Cove is the site of a former black loyalist colony, way down the Annapolis Valley close to Annapolis Royal. There aren't many remnents of the former colony, but it's not surprising given the ruggedness. It must have been quite a slap in the face for the black loyalists to get such crappy land when just over the ridge to the south the whities got some of the richest farming land in all of Nova Scotia.

The day was a little bleak when we started out, but it turned out quite nice by the time we reached the start of our hike (about 2 hours drive). The route was well marked and quite pleasant, although overall the hike was a little short for our tastes (8km and very little elevation gain).

Here's our route:

Here's some photos:

And you can get more here:
My photos
Taryn's photos

We also took a quick walk through Annapolis Royal and Fort Anne, and then meandered back a ways towards home on the old #1 highway, before getting a little tired near Kentville and hopping back on the 101.


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