Monday, May 01, 2006

Saturday April 29: Pennant Point

With Taryn finding out she does have a job at MEC starting on Tuesday, we decided the best way to celebrate would be to hike as much as possible this weekend. As well, it seems half of our building has decided that the end of April is the perfect time to move, so it's a zoo-- the kind you don't want to be anywhere near (think Big Al's Yak and Reptile Farm).

Very close to Halifax is a lovely little park with a beach that, apparently, is also a zoo when the weather gets nice. Of course, it's still between 7-12 degrees here most of the time, so we had no concerns there.

However, there really isn't much of a hike there, at least not according to our 8th edition of the Nova Scotia trails book. Fortunately when Calvin was out I managed to find a 7th edition at a used book store, and its trail is significantly longer (13km).

Much of it follows crown land outside of the Provincial Park, but the trail is very obvious. Here it is:

Closer to the point we ran across some boulderers monkeying around on some of the granite rock that lies between the ocean and the forest. They had quite the little day camp set up, with a small fire and everything! I guess that's one reason why the trail is still so prominent.

For part of the way back we went inland and took (what seems to be) ATV trails for a while, until we met up with the main trail. I am a big fan of loops, so this made me happy, but there was quite a lot of mud and marshy patches what definately made for slower going. Luckily this route had some interesting features: the rusting remains of an old Van and a former WW2 outpost/bunker.

It turned out to be a little shorter than promised (11km), but it was still a nice outing, and quite close to home too.

My photos

Van- N44.44346 W63.63848
Bunker- N44.44979 W63.62845


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