Wednesday, January 25, 2006

London Calling

So Greg and I have decided to go to London for my reading break in February. We leave on Feb 16 and come back on the 27th. It's a lot cheaper to fly to London from here - it's so cheap that it's even cheaper than coming back to Vancouver. We'll be staying with Ian and Melinda, who moved to London in September, and we'll also get to visit with lots of Greg's friends from when he lived in Norwich and went to UEA. I'm quite excited about getting a break from school and getting to go travelling again.

We've been hiking a few times since we've been back from Vancouver since there isn't really any snow here yet. However, it looks like the no-snow situation is going to change tonight and we can bust out the snowshoes soon - the forecast for this evening is 20-40cm of snow overnight. I have been getting emails from school warning that I should be prepared for the possibility that school might close tomorrow. I feel like a little kid wishing for a snow-day!

Today's Halifact: We went to our first Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society meeting last night and learned more about the mainland moose. There are two kinds of moose in Nova Scotia: the Cape Breton Moose which is not endangered and is apparently descended from a handful of imported Albertan moose, and the mainland moose, which is native to Nova Scotia and is endangered. Apparently there is a population of about 13 moose living in a wilderness area about 20min from the city. I want to go find them. I love mooses, although I've never seen one :) .


At 9:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome, I'm so glad you get to go to England! I'm very jealous. Please give hugs to I&M for me.



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