Thursday, December 08, 2005

Merry Christmas a little early

In an act of severe procrastination, yesterday I put up our Christmas lights in our little apartment window. We are both really excited to be going home for Christmas. It's been an interesting time being here in Halifax, but we really miss Vancouver, our families, our friends, and in my case, sushi. Oh I miss good cheap sushi so bad.

If you will be in Vancouver during the Christmas break, we would like to see you. So far, besides the usual Christmas Eve/Day/Boxing Day family stuff, our schedules are pretty free (well mine is, I think Greg is going to work a little bit).

Greg flys in on the 13th and I'll be in town on the 17th. Both fly out in Jan 2.

Our list of things to do includes the following (come join us won't you?):
  • snowshoeing (overnight, North Shore, elsewhere, whatever, we're going through the hassle of bringing out gear on the plane so we better use it)
  • eating good, cheap non-boring-white-person food. This includes, but is not limited to: Shabusen, the Clubhouse, Lhy Thai, Curry Point, dim sum somewhere, Sha-Lin noodle house, a visit to Fuji-Ya, Belgian Fries, Memphis Blues (Greg only!), East is East, Flags maybe, other stuff I'm sure I'm forgetting
  • boxing day shopping and other shopping at real malls with real stores (Metrotown and Robson street in particular (Taryn only)
  • hitting the Broadway strip to do MEC et al. (we have a little MEC and one other outdoor store here)
  • Bibliophile for the best used books ever
Of course there are other things to do too, I just can't think of them. I for one will be lying on the floor in front of my parents gas fireplace reading a book and not thinking about school. Maybe Greg can help add to this list? Or if you have suggestions, you can add a comment!

Today's Halifact: The majority of people here sometimes seem overly sensitive. This may sound like an over-reaction, but consider this: every day for the past three weeks or so, there has been some uproar in the local media about the fact that the people of Boston, to whom the Haligonians donate a tree each year, have decided to call it a "Holiday Tree", not a "Christmas Tree". Sheesh, it's no big deal people!


At 6:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey taryn! two more days until you come home and get lavished with love and affection (and gifts.) just imagine how pissed off cleo is going to be at you when you first come home... i get that attitude every weekend i come back. i'm headed home tomorrow afternoon so i can hog the 'rents to myself for a couple days before the TRULY long-lost eyton daughter returns. ps i think that you and laurel and i should hit up the boxing day shopping, because i've gotten pretty good at spotting a good bargain now that i'm a university student (a little too good actually... goodbye tuition money.) anyways so i will see you at home in a couple days, and am resigned to my fate of living in the stupid guest room for the two weeks we're both home.
love heather


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