Monday, October 24, 2005

Friends and Weather

Last weekend Greg and I had a few girls from school over for a potluck dinner. Greg made a roast. It was nice to finally have some social interaction! Actually, on Thanksgiving, we had another couple (a girl from Vancouver and her visiting boyfriend) over for dinner as well. We certainly have been eating well. As busy as I am, I am trying to organize social things that don't involve the bar because we are starved for friends. Next week, we are going to a Halifax Mooseheads (QMJHL) game with 31 of our closest friends from my section in first year law. And by closest friends, I mean people I usually remember the names of. Oh well.

Today's Halifact: In the fall of 2003 Halifax was hit by Hurricane Juan. Point Pleasant Park, at the south end of the Halifax peninsula was the first place that it made landfall. It caused a ton of damage, shut down the whole city for a number of days and the high winds actually shattered large stone blocks in a historic military tower. I saw the blocks. They look like they were blown apart by explosives, but no. Then in Feb 2004 Halifax was hit with a snowstorm they nicknamed "White Juan". This storm dumped over a meter of snow on the city overnight and again, shut everything down for a few days. So apparently we have moved to the land of extreme weahter. Tomorrow we are due to get hit by the tail end of Hurricane Wilma, perhaps the most powerful storm ever recorded (now no longer even classified as a hurricane). We have been issued a heavy rainfall warning and a wind warning. We are promised gusts of up to 100km tomorrow afternoon along with up to 50mm of rain. No one here seems too concerned. Apparently it is just another normal fall occurance. Yikes. I'll be wearing my rain jacket, and watching for falling trees, that's for sure.


At 7:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember when I was on the east coast many years ago when a hurricane was moving up- biggest fricking rainstorms I have ever experienced in my entire life. I also got to wear a garbage bag (or maybe it was an oversized rain poncho) while running around Louisbourg, so I can't say I was complaining at the time, I was just really really wet.

Good luck with that though. At least it hasn't snowed yet (has it?). I'm told that it'll be a minor miracle if it doesn't snow here before Halloween- apparently that's something that should've already happenned.


At 10:54 PM, Blogger Taryn said...

Just so you know, the picture I have linked to in this post is the current satellite map of weather for our area. So while it doesn't show a hurricane anymore, it does still show our weather, which is cool, so I'll leave it up.


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