Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Settling in

I'd like to start by announcing that the Halifax Fun Fact will now officially be know as the "Halifact" and will continue to accompany each entry.

Today's "Halifact": Bars here serve similar fare to that found in pubs across the nation. Typical bar snacks are often of the greasy variety and include french fries, onion rings, chicken fingers, etc. Unique to Halifax, however, is the unusual deep-fried Pepperoni. This is basically a big stick of pepperoni, cut into slices, then deep fried. You dip it in mustard. Easterners are so weird, but oh is it good.

So I know we haven't updated in awhile, but I thought I'd let everyone know that we are in Halifax, safe and sound. We completed our cross-country, trailer-towing road trip in exactly 14 days and arrived in Halifax on the evening of August 31. We have now been in our apartment for a week, and so far it is okay. We aren't really all the way unpacked yet, and we don't have a lot of crucial furniture, but otherwise, all is pretty normal. Above is a photo of all of our stuff right after we moved in. That's our living room/dining room. We've made some progress since then, thankfully. We have a big two bedroom apartment in a student ghetto building just off Quinpool Road, which Vancouverites might find similar to Broadway, only about a tenth of the size.

I've started school, although so far I've only been doing orientation activities, such as beer drinking, beer drinking, meeting professors, and beer drinking. Still to come on my busy schedule: a night-time ghost themed walking tour of Halifax, a scavenger hunt, a sports-day style mini-Olympics, a semi-formal Monte Carlo themed dinner dance, sea kayaking, a BBQ, a brewery tour, and a tour of campus and the law building. Oh, and did I mention there will be more beer drinking? They certainly like the stuff out here. There are none of those wimpy martini bars!

I also have some good news for those concerned about Greg's ability to keep purchasing the newest gadgets from MEC: He now is a new employee of Xwave, a consulting company owned by the local phone company, Aliant. We don't know exactly what he'll be working on yet, but he has been to the office, and it looks nice and new and they have a pool table and a keg in the fridge, so really, it can't be bad.

We will try to keep this updated more often. I may put up a summary of our trip across Canada soon, so stay tuned. (By the way, it was awesome.)


At 5:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Taryn! Glad that you and Greg have managed to travel across the country to your new home in a safe and amusing fashion.

Orientation at Dal sounds pretty much exactly like UVIC's, although i feel a little left out since I have yet to consume a beer - the UVIC rowing camp is ridiculously hardcore and i've been wiped out between rowing sessions and orientation activites, and now classes - today was my first day. i'm taking history, philosophy and linguistics (which i went to today) and writing this semester. my profs seem pretty nice, if a little eccentric.

the rowing program here is amazing, they have unbelievable equipment (super and nice and a LOT of it - quality AND quantity) and the men's national team trains out of the same boathouse. they train 5 or 6 days a week, twice a day. if i make the team, the next time you see me i'll have arms like a linebacker and legs like treetrunks. the try-outs (which are on this week) are really intensive and competitive and i really don't know if i'm going to make the team.

anyways this is really long so i should have just emailed you but i wanted to say hi to greg too. hi greg. i'm definately going to try to visit you later this year.

email me anytime, i'd love to hear from you
your adoring sister, heather


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