Wednesday, August 24, 2005

What is clabbered milk?

We woke up early this morning and quickly packed up our campsite. We headed off to Thunder Bay trying to get there in time for lunch. As usual, we were late and didn't arrive until 3:30 so we were starving. We went to a Finnish restaurant that our guidebook recommended. Apparently Thunder Bay has the largest population of Finns outside Finland. Who woulda thunk? Anyway, the restaurant we went to is actually just the cafeteria in the basement of the Finnish Community Centre. We both had the most Finnish thing on the menu: salted fish with potatoes and clabbered milk. It was basically salty lox with onions, mashed potatoes, and big bowl of a sour-cream like substance (that was the clabbered milk). The clabbered milk was weird as we weren't sure if we were supposed to eat it like a soup or use it as a condiment, so in the end, we just put it on stuff and it was pretty yummy.

On the way out of Thunder Bay we stopped at the Terry Fox Monument up on the highway near where he was forced to stop his run. For some reason the Terry Fox story really gets to me and I found it really moving to be there.

We drove out our campsite for the night at the Rossport portion of Rainbow Falls provincial park. Our campsite is right on the shore of Lake Superior. It is a big lake! For dinner, we had some left over burritos that we had been storing in the cooler all day. We made a double boiler on the campstove and steamed them to warm them up. It worked pretty well - sort of like a back-country microwave. I only mention the burritos because the Mexican dinners have become a sort of theme. We have had Mexian food for dinner three nights in a row because we keep having left over ingredients that we feel we have to put to good use. Thank God we've finally used it all and we can have something normal for dinner tomorrow.


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