Friday, August 26, 2005


After breakfast this morning we headed directly to Science North in Sudbury. It's kind of like Sciene World. Once we got there we found out that it is $29.95 to get in. Insane! We were contemplating just skipping it when a lady in line offered us almost expired member passes that she wouldn't have time to use. Sweet! Free! In the end, we were glad that we went, but also glad that it was free.

We saw a "4D" film about Bushplanes, which was cheesy. There were 3D goggles, but apparently it was "4D" because the seats moved and they sprayed water at you when the bushplanes landed roughly on a lake. Right. I thought it was "4D" because it was historical, and the actual 4th dimension is time, but no. (I'm that much of a geek.) They had lots of good interactive exhibits and I got to see a beaver and a porcupine. I also got to ride a segueway. It was actually really neat and not nearly as dorky as I thought it would be. It was impressed with how well it handled and easy it was to manuvere.

Afterwards, we had Mickey Ds in Sudbury and then drove to North Bay for groceries. I saw a dead moose on the side of the road. I've been wanting to see a moose this whole trip, but not like that! Poor moose.

Tonight we are camped at Fitzroy Provincial Park where the Carp River empties into the Ottawa River. We are so close to Ottawa that we are actually inside the Greater Ottawa city limits. Since it is Friday night, the campground is a bit noisy, but it's really nice and we have a site on the Carp River.


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