Thursday, September 07, 2006

Back to School!

As we head back to school I realize we have been negligent in keeping you up to date. As a remedy, here is the rest of our summer in point form:
  • Hurricane Beryl nearly ruined our trip to Cape Breton for my birthday in late July. Instead of backpacking, we ended up car camping in the National Park, going for a few hikes and hitting Louisbourg decked out in rain pants.
  • I got paid to go hiking as part of a field course with work to get us certified as 'Leave No Trace' Wilderness Ethic trainers
  • At the beginning of August Greg and I headed to Newfoundland with some friends to do a 5 day off-trail hike. Highlights include amazing scenery, falling in mud holes, Greg getting chased by a moose and learning wilderness navigation the hard way in the pouring rain.
  • After getting out of the backcountry Greg and I headed out on our own across Newfoundland, hitting the major attractions and much more besides. We spent 2 weeks in Newfoundland altogether.
  • As soon as we got home we picked up Laurel from the airport (literally 2 hours after we got home). She was with us for fun times for a little over a week.
  • During her visit we moved to our fabulous new house closer to school. It is so much nicer and quieter than our old hole.
  • On Labour Day weekend we did something we have been wanting to do for 2 years: adopt a kitty from the SPCA. She hasn't come home yet because she is waiting to be spayed, but she is 2 years old, very pretty, and her (new) name is Audrey.
  • Greg and I went back to school last week. For Greg it was his first time back in a long time as he started his masters in computer science. He will also be working remotely on his old job. I headed into second year in law and will continue to work one day a week at MEC. We are also both volunteering more with CPAWS this year.
So that's the update. Here's a picture of Greg visiting Audrey at the shelter - I'm sure this will be the first of the many photos of her that end up here!


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