Friday, August 19, 2005

The Special Tonight in Cowtown: Beer-Butt Chicken

After breakfast with Anna this morning, we set off for Calgary. We stopped in Revelstoke for lunch and found a cute little deli where we bought fresh baked bread, cheese and some mortadella. We packed it all in our cooler and set out for the Roger's Pass Interpretive Centre to have a picnic. At the interpretive centre we bought a year-long pass to National Parks and National Historic sites so we'll be able to visit lots of good stuff on our trip, and for the next year in the Maritimes. The Roger's Pass Centre was pretty interesting. It's amazing how much snow they get there.

After lunch we drove through the Rockies. It was a beautiful sunny day and the views were amazing. I am quite sad to be leaving the land of mountains. We had a bit of a crisis between Calgary, and Canmore, however. We thought we were going to run out of gas! Thankfully, a PetroCan miraculously appeared on the horizion saving the day. It was pretty stressful for a bit there.

We arrived in Calgary later than we intended, but Reid had a beer-butt chicken, some BBQ-ed corn on the cob, and some cold beer waiting for us, which was awesome after our stress-filled drive. (For those that aren't in the know, a beer-butt chicken is a chicken with a half-full can of beer shoved up it's butt, then slowly barbequed. It makes the meat really moist and yummy.) We sat around with Reid and chatted until all hours of the night. Laura was in Vancouver for the week, so we missed out on seeing her, but Reid managed to be a good host all the same.


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