Friday, August 19, 2005

Doggies and Horses and Chickens and Kitties and Emus in Vernon

After a big breakfast with Bill and Ruth (and Tuffy too) we said goodbye and hit the road. Destination: Vernon!

We stopped in Kamloops to meet up with my grandma at the White Spot, as per our tradition. I introduced Greg to Grandma and they seemed to hit it off quite well. It was nice to see Grandma as I hadn't seen her in quite some time. It seems I might not be able to get up to Kamloops for a few years, which is a bit sad, so I'm glad we had time to see her.

After Kamloops we drove straight to Vernon. We are staying with friends of Greg's parents - Bob and Anna. They are such nice people. They have a cute little hobby farm with two dogs, some cats, some horses, a bunch of chickens, and two emus, which are rather creepy. They look at you like they want to peck your eyes out. They dalmatian, Montana, is insane. She is two years old and she has so much energy. I don't think she ever stops running and playing.

We had a nice dinner with Bob and Anna, their daughter Mary-Lynn, and her boyfriend. Afterwards, Anna showed us photos of her cycling trip through Holland. It looked like so much fun. Since Holland is so flat, it looks like my kind of trip! Another one to add to the list. Bob and Anna are so nice - since it is too hot to sleep upstairs in their guest room, they gave us their bed and slept outside in their 5th wheel! I can't believe how nice some people are. I really like Vernon and I wish we could spend more time here.


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